Kickstarter Campaign

Our Kickstarter Campaign for the distribution of our film is now live at

The campaign runs from April 22, 2019, to June 21, 2019.

Our goal is $4,250

This is an all or nothing campaign, meaning if we do not meet our goal then we don't receive anything.


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I See Jesus is a compelling story of two parents, Pastor William and his wife Story, who are devoted to their faith and believe in showing Jesus in their actions. They teach their children to see and to display Jesus and to be a light, especially to those considered on the outside of the church. After moving to a traditional rural church, William finds himself challenged when he and his family live their lives according to this belief in unconditional love and outreach. But, what happens when the challenge comes from an unexpected source? Will William continue to see and stand firm in the path that God has laid out for him or will he conform to the dictation of this new environment?


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