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I.A.G. Filmmaking Program



Thea, a teenager, is navigating the delicate landscape of grief and the weighty expectations entwined with her late father's death. Within the shadows of her struggles, Thea encounters a glimmer of hope in Adiel, a resilient young girl confronting the realities of abuse with unyielding strength. Together, Thea and Adiel embark on a journey of transformation. However, this journey takes a dark turn when Thea receives the news of an untimely death, leaving her unable to cope with the loss of something she thought could represent a permanent change. Now, this loss becomes Thea's guiding light and also a gateway to a deeper connection with God. Through Adiel's unwavering spirit and resilience, Thea finds solace and purpose, drawing her into a relationship that she was in deep need of as she grapples with questions of loss and God's existence.



Fraternal twin sisters, Sevania and Stephanie, were separated at a young age, and guided along divergent paths. Raised by a loving father, Sevania evolves into a well-known figure. At the same time, Stephanie, under the care of a troubled mother, descends into drugs and crime, ultimately leading to her admission into rehab. Bound by fate, they are reunited when Stephanie discovers that Sevania is the owner of the rehab center where she is undergoing treatment. As they reconnect, Stephanie grapples with disturbing flashes of an alternate reality—a psychiatric ward—manifesting in the environment around her. Initially attributing these experiences to withdrawal, she dismisses them. However, as the intensity of these episodes heightens, Stephanie, under the guidance of her therapist, is compelled to confront the truth. Will the truth ultimately break Stephanie or will it set her free.

Trailer and Promo coming Soon

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